CD Formats


CD-audio is the most common compact disc format in the world. Audio CD has turned out to be the best format for recording sounds and, especially, music. The reasons for success are good sound quality, reliability and wide spreading. Baltic Disc AS manufactures Audio CD discs that comply with the highest quality requirements. According to the basic requirements, the minimum length of a recording is 4 seconds and the maximum amount of recordings is 99. The recordings are in CDA format. International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) must be saved onto the CD-R together with the recording so the disc shall function properly.

Maximum durability according to Red Book (Audio CD standard) together with pauses is 74 minutes. Today, Audio CD discs with 78:30 length are also manufactured, but there may be some problems to play these CD discs in some players.


CD-ROM format is the most general disc for data recording. Important advantages of CD-ROMs are interactivity and wide usage possibilities. CD-ROM can be used as a data carrier of different computer programmes, computer games, catalogues and presentations.
Maximum storage capacity 690 MB.


Baltic Disc AS manufactures also compact discs in CD-Extra format. These are CD discs that additionally to audio files also contain video clips, documents, programmes or other such data. CD-Extra is a great possibility to digitalize a music disc.
Maximum capacity of a CD-EXTRA disc is 690 MB

The manufacturer holds a limited responsibility in case of discs with larger data capacity than stated in the CD standard.