On the order of our customers, we produce all common CD booklet formats starting from inserts for singles, jewel case inserts up to booklets of dozens of pages. Jewel case booklet comes with a CD back. In case of boxes with black tray, the back page is printed with 4/0 colouring and for transparent ones 4/4 colouring. Out of plastic boxes, the Super jewel box becomes more and more popular – backside is different from the back of a usual box (jewel case). In case of CD multibox it should be considered that the box needs 2 CD-backs – one as a front and the other as a back cover.

We, of course, offer prints for DVD plastic boxes and DVD size (king-size) super jewel boxes. Here it must be considered that the cover paper of a black DVD box is of 4/0 colouring and 4/4 colouring for transparent boxes.

If necessary, we also produce cardboard cases and other special solutions

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  • CD single print
  • CD slimbox print
  • CD booklet and back
  • CD booklet and super jewel box back
  • DVD 14 mm box cover paper
  • DVD slimbox 17 mm cover paper
  • DVD booklet