Delivering Masters

Requirements for preparing and delivering CD/DVD masters/initial data on physical data carrier (CD or DVD disc)
Upon replication of CD and DVD discs from carrier delivered by the customers, the information is copied 1:1.

We do not alter the presented information before or after the manufacturing process of compact discs. There is only technical parameters checked on the master presented by the customer and a stamper created of it. The contents is not checked! This means that conformity of the customer’s data carrier format marked on the order is checked against the real format (audio, video, ROM) as well as readability of the contents and its suitability for making a suitable stamper. Masters on the physical data carrier delivered are not listened to, inspected or run on the computer.
Technical parameters of all formats are described with technical standards and checked during pressing. Compatibility with those standards ensures problem-free replication and readability of the information with all respective compact disc players.
The whole content of information delivered on a maters is never checked and this means that the compact disc is not run in a respective player before manufacturing (for instance, Audio CD is not played in an audio CD player, CD-ROM is not run or installed) so their functioning shall not be checked! This ensures intactness of a master disc (without scratches and with clean surface) that is one of the most important requirements for producing a stamper. Contents are the responsibility of the customer.

When sending any type of image or physical medium, which is a CD-Audio or CD-Extra, the number of sound tracks  and total duration of the entire drive of the disk image MUST be specified.

Delivery of masters on physical carriers:
We accept masters in the following formats: DVD-VIDEO, DVD-AUDIO, DVD-ROM, AUDIO CD, CD-VIDEO, CD-EXTRA, CD-ROM

  • Use only new and high-quality CD-R and DVD+/-R discs (e.g. Ricoh, TDK, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden).
  • The discs must be free of scratched, dirt and fingerprints.
  • Masters may be delivered only in plastic boxes since these offer better protection.
  • We recommend delivering 2-3 masters so we can use the best possible master for manufacturing a matrix. If required, the other masters shall be returned.
  • Do not use copying protection on data carriers.
  • A CD-R/DVD-/+R delivered as a master should not be previously run in a playback equipment since the masters may become scratched.
  • Use the lowest speed possible to save data on CD-R and DVD-R.
  • Do not use multisession recording on a blank.
  • Do not use CD-RW and DVD-RW discs.
  • Use a special marker only to write on a disc.
  • Never write anything to the data side of the disc.

CD-R is the physical master for a CD.
It is required to enter correct format of the product on the order template and see that the presented master is in the same format.
CD-ROM: information reproduced in a computer.
Audio CD:  reproduced in audio players. 2-channel PCM (pulse-code modulation) audio (See: Red Book).
CD-Extra: audio CD disc that additionally to 2-channelled PCM audio characteristic to audio CDs also has a small-format video, link to a homepage, photos or other similar (See: Blue Book).
Presenting DVD master on a physical carrier.
Data carriers suitable for manufacturing DVD-5, DVD-9 and 8 cm mini DVD:

  1. DVD-5 and 8cm mini single layer DVD:  DVD-R, DVD+R single layer (4.7 GB)
  2. DVD 10:  2 DVD-R or DVD+R single layer (4.7 GB)

 Data carriers suitable for manufacturing DVD-9 and 8 cm mini dual layer:

  1. 1 DVD-R DL (Dual Layer), DVD+R DL (8.5 GB)
  2. 2 single layer DVD+R-s (4.7GB). Both layers must be separately saved on single layer on DVD+/-R.
  3. Suitable DLT tapes:  
    • DLT Cassette III
    • DLT Cassette IIIXT
    • DLT Cassette IV
    • SDLT Cassette I

Data on DLT tapes must be in DDP 2.00, DDP 2.10 or CMF format.
For DVD 9 master, layer 0 and layer 1 must be on separate tapes.
It is required to enter correct format of the product on the order template and see that the presented master is in the same format:
Requirements on masters delivered through ftp:
We accept the following image formats: DDP 2.0, DDP 2.10, ISO, NRG.
Recommended programmes for image creation: Gear Pro Mastering edition, Nero (we recommend to use a version not older than 9.), ImgBurN, MagicISO, PowerISO, UltraISO,  MagicDisc (freeware). Together with an image we also ask to present MD5 sumcheck so we could rapidly verify that the image file has been successfully uploaded.

If other programmes are used, inform the Baltic Disc in writing (additional information box on the ordering template) to avoid any possible distortions in data. Otherwise we shall not be held responsible for the quality.
*Master discs and matrixes are stored in factories under special conditions and are not returned nor released to the customers or third parties.

  1. DVD-5 and DVD-10 image files must be sent in ISO or DDP 2.00 format
  2. DVD-9 both layers must be sent separately:
    • Layer 0 separately as ISO or DDP 2.00
    • Layer 1 separately as ISO or DDP 2.00
  3. Audio CD, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM must be sent as ISO, DDP 2.00 or NRG image.

Uploading masters/data on FTP server
Upon using an FTP server for delivering masters, we recommend to follow the below tips:
Use FTP customer-type programmes like Core FTP or similar that are able to restore transfer from the same point it was interrupted in case transfer of data has been disrupted.
Do not use the usual internet browsers for uploading (Explorer, Firefox, etc).
It is forbidden to use Cyrillic and symbols (!?+`~#-.\'\"()[]&><^%= ) in the names of transferred files.
We recommend to “pack” larger files (larger than 1 GB) ISO, NRG or DDP image (or other) into an archive (*.rar, *.zip) by dividing a large file into several smaller ones. This facilitates image uploading to our ftp and the risk of an image file changing in the process is minimized.

Use Window operation system. If you use MAC, the image files must be converted into  a format that is “readable” and can be processed with MS Windows operation system equipment.  

For transferring a master thought FTP you must:

  1. Contact the Baltic Disc sales department ( or your customer administrator.
  2. Receive a user ID and password of the respective server from the Baltic Disc sales department.
  3. Upload the master in a suitable format to Baltic Disc AS FTP.
  4. Inform your customer administrator or Baltic Disc sales department ( immediately in writing when master has been fully uploaded, stating the following:
    • Precise name of the file;
    • Format of the project ( DVD-VIDEO, DVD-AUDIO, DVD-ROM, AUDIO CD, CD-VIDEO, CD-EXTRA, CD-ROM) and format of the uploaded image file (DDP, NRG, ISO);
    • Exact size of the file (giga-, kilo- and/or megabytes).

Files in ftp server older than 5 days shall automatically be deleted!

Delivery by other ways:

We do not accept separate audio or video files. We also do not accept masters on external hard discs, “memory sticks” or other data carriers.

You can send us DVD masters without menus on DVD-/+R discs or DLT tapes. For additional fee, these can be turned into standard masters.


Sending any type of image or physical medium, which is a CD-Audio or CD-Extra, the number of sound tracks  and total duration of the entire drive of the disk image MUST be specified