BD Master on ftp

FTP usage requirements and recommendations for sent/transferred disk images
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server is intended for direct data exchange via the Internet.
Using our FTP server, you can send us your output materials saving both yours and our time. In order to make the process smooth, we recommend that you follow certain working principles and requirements:
  •  Media (material) presented by the customer is deemed to be the disk image (BDCMF type A, ISO), which can be sent over the Internet or recorded, and submitted in physical medium (HDD) or FINALLY prepared physical disc (BD-ROM or BD-Video), in which nothing can be changed corrected or assessed and it will be replicated  1:1. Only material which is pre deemed accordingly is acceptable for mastering and stamper production
  • Appointed computer files for mastering and stamper producing are not acceptable
  • Appointed computer files can only be used for programming, namely for the the pre-mastering
  • For transferring the data to ftp do not use standard web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or similar, simply copying them to your outgoing data
  • For sending data we recommend to use an FTP client-type applications, such as FileZilla, Core FTP, or similar, or those browsers, which has an internal FTP client such as Mozilla, and are capable in case of data interruption, to restore it again from the same place instead of sending for the second time, without saving what has already been sent, and losing time, and download files
  • We recommend the ISO images BDCMF type A or the Blu-ray disk directory containing the directories BDMV and Sertificate archived in the archive. (*. rar, *. zip), so it is split into smaller parts in order that sending image online would not distorted or otherwise lost image data
  • It is prohibited to use Cyrillic and characters:!?+`~#-.'"()[]&><^%= in file title
  • Diacritical marks in sending file names. Diacritics (accented Gr.) - various letters on or underneath the character, replacing or adjusting the values of some characters, such as: ą č ę ė š ų ū Ä ï ê ĉ ā ć ĩ ģ ļ ķ ǘ ǽ ë.
  • BD masters must not be protected in any protection (such as AACS etc).
It is obligatory to specify by email the format of your project (s) your project manager or manager in charge of the project (for example BD-ROM BD-Video), or an image type which is submitting format data (for example. ISO Image BDCMF Type A, an archive catalog that contains the directories BDMV and Sertificate) its exact name (s), size (s), location (s) on the server.

Make sure that your Internet connection speed is at least to 2 Mbps. The optimal time for sending data will depend on your internet speed.

Login name and password are created and given to each individual client.

BD-25-50 is sent BDCMF Image Type A format. You can also send the *. iso image, or archived to the archive multi-volume Blu-ray disk catalog that contains the directories BDMV and CERTIFICATE. ISO image is not considered as final BD master. For additional fee ISO image can be used to prepare final BDCMF image.
Submitted data media (except HDD), as well as the stamper produced from these media are stored in the factory and are not refunded to the client nor transferred under any circumstances