Baltic Disc AS

Baltic Disc AS was found in 2004. The main field of activity of Baltic Disc AS is industrial CD and DVD replication.

Baltic Disc’s predecessor was Helisalv AS. From 1999 until the spring of 2004, the CD, DVD and MC orders of Estonian customers were filled by Helisalv AS, an official representative of the German-Lithuanian company UAB Baltic Optical Disc (predecessor of UAB BOD GROUP) in Estonia.

As the work volume and number of customer increased, a new company Baltic Disc AS was formed in the summer of 2004.

Construction of a new factory near Tallinn, in Laagri, was launched the same year. Until the end of November of 2005, Baltic Disc AS operated as the dealer of its sister company Baltic Compact disc in Estonia.

The newest CD and DVD factory in the area of the Baltic Sea in Laagri near Tallinn was ready in the autumn of 2006. Official opening of the new factory took place in March 2006. First discs were manufactured in the new factory already in November 2005.

As of today, our products form up to 75-80% of all domestic CD/DVD disc gross production amount. About 80% is exported into other European Union member states, mainly into the Nordic Countries. Main export markets are Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Germany and Great Britain.

The initial production capacity of the Estonian factory was 22000 CD discs in 24 hours. We offered only silk-screen label printing to our customers. In 2006, our production possibilities widened with a DVD production line (Netstal+Steag Hamatech) that enables us to manufacture about 33000 DVDs (DVD-5; DVD-9; DVD-10) in 24 hours. We are also able to offer offset label printing.

As of the summer of 2011, we offer the replication service of Blu-ray discs.